Vegan Bang Bang Veggie’s (PF Chang’s Style)

Whatever sport season may be occurring, fried food is a must on those big game days!  This light, simple, incredibly tasty recipe is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.  A vegan man’s twist on PF Chang’s famous Bang Bang Shrimp that can serve as an pre-game appetizer, the main course, or the late night munchies.  Prepped and fried to perfection in under 20 minutes…. honest!

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Cook Time:  10 minutes

Total Time:  20 minutes 


– 1/4 Cup of Vegenaise or similar vegan product

– 4 Tbsp. Sweet Chili Sauce

– 1 Cup of Non-Dairy Milk (almond or soy)

– 1 Tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

– 2/3 Cup All Purpose Flour

– 1/2 Cup Cornstarch

– 1 Tsp. Salt

– 3 Tsp. Hot Sauce (optional)

– 3 Cups Panko Bread Crumbs

– 2 Small Heads of Broccoli

– Coconut Cooking Oil

– Chives (optional)

Step 1 – Prep

– Wash and cut broccoli into small pieces

– Heat pan with oil on medium to high heat

– Mix milk, apple cider vinegar, flour, cornstarch, salt and hot sauce in large bowl and wisk

– In a separate bowl, pour panko crumbs for dipping

Step 2 – Cook

– Dip broccoli pieces in batter, then dip into the panko crumbs, then place into heated pan

– Cook both sides for approximately 2 minutes or until medium brown

– Place cooked pieces onto serving dish

Step 3 – Sauce, Garnish, and Serve

– Mix the Vegenaise and Sweet Chili Sauce in a small bowl

– Drizzle the sauce over the fried broccoli pieces

– Garnish with chives (optional)

– Serve 

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