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Take a Tour of Spring Farm Sanctuary!


Tours are $10 for adults and children over 10 years old. Children and Adults MUST be 60 inches tall to go in with the animals. Our goats jump, head butt and think children and adults are their toys. There is no guarantee that we will go in with anyone. It just depends on the animals location during your tour.  These policies are in place because we want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable visit. Babies, toddlers and those under 10 years old are welcome on our Family tours, which are offered once a month. Tours can be paid for online by clicking a tour date and purchasing tickets via credit card. On our tours you will  learn about the animals that call Spring Farm Sanctuary their home. You will also hear stories about similar animals living on agricultural farms. Some of these facts are not pleasant.

PLEASE REVIEW, AND SIGN OUR LIABILITY WAIVER as everyone who tours will be required to read and sign prior to touring: Spring Farm Sanctuary Release and Waiver of Liability

When coming for a tour, please dress for the weather! You should wear rubber boots or closed toe shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. You will be walking up and down hilly areas.

We do not sell tickets at the door if you are unable to purchase them online. That means we are sold out. Please select another day.  Thank you!

Private tours may be available depending on the date. Please email with your request.