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Scruffy (In Memoriam)

Scruffy was a Hereford beef steer. He was abandoned by his mother at birth and had an injury on his leg that gave him a 50/50 chance of ending up lame. Because in the farming industry slaughter is opted for over veterinary care, Scruffy was headed for slaughter when a very kind couple, Bob and Vicki, offered to buy him. They bottle fed and cared for him and he blossomed. Three months later, Bob and Vicki got a call from the farmer saying he had another calf that needed bottle raising. They adopted Pete, bottle-fed him and soon after Scruffy and Pete became inseparable friends. Ultimately, the boys just kept growing and their previous home was just too small for them. Bob and Vicki, who wanted to do what was best for these boys, found them a new home at Spring Farm Sanctuary.

Sadly, in March of 2018 Scruffy had a tragic accident where he slipped on a hill, fell and broke his leg. Two vets were called and said because of the severity of the trauma Scruffy’s accident caused, the humane thing to do was euthanasia. Scruffy is missed dearly by his caregivers and volunteers at the farm.

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