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Rudy was found by a worker at a hog farm while cleaning the nursery. All of the other piglets had been moved to a finisher barn three days prior, so Rudy had been left all alone with no care, food, or water for three days.

He had been tossed on a pile of dead piglets who had perished during the farrowing process. He was surrounded by his dead siblings, body parts, and half-eaten piglets when he was discovered. The worker took Rudy, hid him in his basement, and contacted us to come and rescue him.

Rudy is truly a miracle piglet! Since arriving at the Sanctuary in January of 2020, he has been given the highest quality medical care and tons of love! Rudy’s favorite activities are belly rubs, crawling into your lap for a cuddle and falling asleep there, and his many many toys!

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