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Olive & Lily

Lily and Olive came from a couple in Rochester who rescued them from another Rochester resident who wasn’t taking care of them properly. They’re both 4 1/2 months old. They are very social and talkative. The both love belly rubs, especially Lily! They also love their vegetables but peas seem seems to be their absolute favorite.

Lily is a Pekin duck and Olive is a Rouen duck. Pekin ducks are generally used for meat and eggs as well as the females being used to breed the ducks used for foie gras. Rouen are generally used for meat . Ducklings can be bought at places like supply stores and a lot people buy these adorable ducklings and then release them when they get larger, usually right before winter. Pekin ducks can’t migrate so there is no food for them once winter hits. Luckily Olive and Lily now call Spring Farm Sanctuary their home!


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