Meet Our Animals

cow grazing scruffy spring farm animal sanctuary

Scruffy (In Memoriam)

Scruffy was a Hereford beef steer. He was abandoned by his mother at birth and had an injury on his leg that gave him a 50/50 chance of ending up lame. Because in the farming industry slaughter is opted for over veterinary care, Scruffy was headed for slaughter when a very kind couple, Bob and Vicki, offered to buy him. They bottle fed and cared for him and he blossomed. Three months later, Bob and Vicki got a call from…


Libby (In Memoriam)

Liberty (Libby) our Chester White pig, was rescued from a backyard butcher and came to live at Spring Farm Sanctuary on the 4th of July. We found Libby living in horrible conditions – no food or water, prod marks all over her body, and with a high fever and bacterial infection. After her rescue, Libby lived life to the fullest! On hot days she enjoyed a sprinkling with the hose and playing in her own kiddie pool! She loved affection…


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