Meet Our Animals


Larry is  a LaMancha goat. Larry was rescued  on 7/1/17 from a backyard butcher when he was 3 months old. He arrived at Spring Farm Sanctuary in extremely bad shape. He was very skinny, full of parasites, had high fever and pneumonia. After over a month of vet visits and antibiotics, his health was finally restored.  Larry is now living a life full of love and compassion at SFS.



Michelle, is a Cheviot cross breed sheep. She came to Spring Farm Sanctuary on June 2, 2017 from a farm in Montevideo, MN where she was scheduled to be slaughtered on that very day. She was only three months old.  Michelle (named after the first donor to the farm) is a beautiful and sweet sheep and loves to be massaged. She also enjoys her bedtime routine of a healthy snack followed by a kiss! She lives with her best friend…

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Annabelle is a Mangalitsa pig, which is a breed that is raised for a “higher quality” of meat served in many fine dining restaurants. Annabelle was given to us as someone’s unwanted runt and she is very small for her age. She probably got pushed away from the food bowl. Now she has plenty all to herself… unless her best friend Libby beats her to it! Her most distinguishing characteristics are her charming personality and her brillo pad hair which is irresistible…


Ethel (In Memoriam)

She was an escapee from a live market and was found in a parking lot with Lucy. Ethel was the friendliest chicken we had. One morning we found her dead in her stall. We don’t know what happened, but sudden death in chickens is common. It is usually a heart attack or heart failure. It was shocking to see, and our hearts are broken.


Betty (In Memoriam)

She came to us with her friend Wilma, who was part of a chicken rental business. She suddenly fell ill and we rushed her to the emergency Vet. It was determined by an exam that she was suffering from an infection that had spread beyond their ability to help her. We determined the most humane thing to do was euthanize her. She is still loved and missed very much.


Manny (In Memoriam)

Manny had the sweetest soul and most loving personality . He came to us with his sister Michelle. We helped him fight his disease of CAE for a very long time, but he let us know when enough was enough. We lost him in the summer of 2021. Our hearts still ache.

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Buddy (In Memoriam)

Buddy and his brother were bought as piglets by a woman who sent them to a farm to be fattened up to become food. The farmer responsible for their care lost them. By the time the woman made it to the farm and found them, Buddy’s infant brother had perished with Buddy lying right next to him. The woman was struck with a change of heart which lead her to finding SFS for Buddy’s forever home. Buddy changed that meat…

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Penny (In Memoriam)

Handsome Penny was being raised in a small dog kennel in a basement apartment in Willmar, MN by a woman who took him in as a baby “chicken”.  However when she realized Penny was a turkey, she reached out to SFS to see if we could provide him a home.  He moved in, and spread his beautiful wings and gave up his diet of Chinese food. He was then able to enjoy fresh air, exercise, and eat organic turkey food,…


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