Meet Our Animals

spring farm sanctuary cows walter harrison norman tucker

Walter, Harrison & Norman Tucker

Walter (all black), Harrison (black face and white body) and Norman Tucker (full white stripe down his face) are our three male dairy steer. These calves were deemed useless by the dairy industry and were greatly mistreated by humans as they were prepared for slaughter before their rescue. Because of this mistreatment, they were initially very fearful of humans and tended to stick together in a threesome. However, due to the kindness and care from all the volunteers, these boys…

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Larry & Archie

Larry, a LaMancha goat, has smaller ears and Archie, an Alpine goat, has bigger ears. When males are born in the dairy industry they are fattened until they can be sold for meat. Larry and Archie were rescued together on 7/1/17 from the same backyard butcher as Libby! Both of these handsome young men were 3 months old at the time of their rescue and arrived to Spring Farm Sanctuary in extremely bad shape. They were very skinny, full of…

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Manny & Michelle

Manny and Michelle, both Chevlot cross breed sheep, came to Spring Farm Sanctuary on June 2, 2017 from a farm in Montevideo, MN where Manny was scheduled to be slaughtered on that very day. Manny was born 3/12/16 and Michelle was born 2/22/17. They are brother and sister and as close as can be! Manny is just like a big dog with his love for affection.  He enjoys being brushed have his cheeks rubbed! Michelle (named after the first donor…

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Annabelle is a Mangalitsa pig, which is a breed that is raised for a “higher quality” of meat served in many fine dining restaurants. Annabelle was given to us as someone’s unwanted runt and she is very small for her age. She probably got pushed away from the food bowl. Now she has plenty all to herself… unless her best friend Libby beats her to it! Her most distinguishing characteristics are her charming personality and her brillo pad hair which is irresistible…

pig libby spring farm sanctuary donate sponsor

Libby (In Memoriam)

Liberty (Libby) our Chester White pig, was rescued from a backyard butcher and came to live at Spring Farm Sanctuary on the 4th of July. We found Libby living in horrible conditions – no food or water, prod marks all over her body, and with a high fever and bacterial infection. After her rescue, Libby lived life to the fullest! On hot days she enjoyed a sprinkling with the hose and playing in her own kiddie pool! She loved affection…


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