Meet Our Animals

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Olive & Lily

Lily and Olive came from a couple in Rochester who rescued them from another Rochester resident who wasn’t taking care of them properly. They’re both 4 1/2 months old. They are very social and talkative. The both love belly rubs, especially Lily! They also love their vegetables but peas seem seems to be their absolute favorite. Lily is a Pekin duck and Olive is a Rouen duck. Pekin ducks are generally used for meat and eggs as well as the…


Jack Benny

Jack Benny was found running through a bean field in Story City Iowa. A concerned area resident was able to coax him into a kennel and took him to a local animal shelter. The man also called Iowa Farm Sanctuary who worked with the agency to contact us and make arrangements for us to pick him up. Jack had either escaped from a truck off I-35 or from a local farm confinement in the area. Unlike Marge, Jack got away…



Iowa Farm Sanctuary reached out to us about a four week old piglet who fell from a transport truck and broke her jaw. They had this piglet in their care and were getting her the medical care she needed at Iowa State University. Having many animals themselves, they thought this little piglet would be a good fit at Spring Farm Sanctuary, and boy were they right. We drove down to Iowa to pick up Margie. We are so thankful to…



Sweet Betsy is a pot-bellied pig who was given to us shortly after we obtained Buddy. She was born June 4th, 2017. Betsy is a sweetheart that loved nothing more than cuddling with Buddy and following him wherever he went. She is a very happy little girl and is constantly wagging her tail. She loves playing with toys, eating apples, and long belly rubs.    

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Martha, Raisin & Frankie

Frankie, Raisin and Martha are Toggenburg goats, which is one of the first dairy breeds from Switzerland. This family came to us from northern Minnesota when their owner fell sick and was unable to care for them. They would have all been killed for their meat had a man from Sioux Falls not intervened. When they arrived they were full of thorns, missing patches of hair, had hooves that were overgrown and potato chips were there food of choice. Now…



Wilma is the queen of the barn (or so she thinks). She was used in a chicken rental business. The business is provided for people who think they want to start raising their own backyard chickens, but don’t know how to do it. After about 2 years, the natural egg production of a chicken declines so Wilma was kicked out of the program and headed for a butcher. Luckily we were able to save her. She is our oldest resident, and…



Pete is a Hereford beef steer. Pete’s dearly departed friend Scruffy was abandoned by his mother at birth and had an injury on his leg that gave him a 50/50 chance of ending up lame. Because in the farming industry slaughter is opted for over veterinary care, Scruffy was headed for slaughter when a very kind couple, Bob and Vicki, offered to buy him. They bottle fed and cared for him and he blossomed. Three months later, Bob and Vicki…

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Walter, Harrison & Norman Tucker

Walter (all black), Harrison (black face and white body) and Norman Tucker (full white stripe down his face) are our three male dairy steer. These calves were deemed useless by the dairy industry and were greatly mistreated by humans as they were prepared for slaughter before their rescue. Because of this mistreatment, they were initially very fearful of humans and tended to stick together in a threesome. However, due to the kindness and care from all the volunteers, these boys…


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