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Iowa Farm Sanctuary reached out to us about a four week old piglet who fell from a transport truck and broke her jaw. They had this piglet in their care and were getting her the medical care she needed at Iowa State University. Having many animals themselves, they thought this little piglet would be a good fit at Spring Farm Sanctuary, and boy were they right.

We drove down to Iowa to pick up Margie. We are so thankful to everyone at Iowa Farm Sanctuary and their supporters for the chance they gave Marge and they compassion they showed us regarding our loss of Buddy. She is not replacing him, but is certainly filling our hearts and helping us continue to educate people about the horrible situations these animals are in. At only two weeks old this little one already had her tail snipped off and her ear pierced with tags, without anesthesia.

She is safe at home now, settling in and making new friends. Let’s just say we are completely in love. Our thanks goes out to everyone at Iowa Farm Sanctuary and all of our supporters – working together we can do so much!


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