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Libby (In Memoriam)

Liberty (Libby) our Chester White pig, was rescued from a backyard butcher and came to live at Spring Farm Sanctuary on the 4th of July. We found Libby living in horrible conditions – no food or water, prod marks all over her body, and with a high fever and bacterial infection. After her rescue, Libby lived life to the fullest! On hot days she enjoyed a sprinkling with the hose and playing in her own kiddie pool! She loved affection – including being petted and brushed. She enjoyed long walks outside in her pasture with her dear friend Annabelle the pig.

In February of 2020, our dear Libby tragically passed away after a series of medical issues. She touched so many human and animal lives alike during her life. She is missed dearly by her animal friends, all of her supporters, and the Spring Farm family.

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