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17 Solid Reasons to Go Vegan

For many, veganism is as alien as little green people from the planet Zorg, so thinking of even a couple of reasons to go vegan can be a stretch. However, this is largely just a matter of ignorance as to why vegans choose to live the way that they do, not because they are fearful…

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The Truth Behind Humane Labels

Many people wonder if buying meat, milk, and eggs with labels like “cage-free,” “grass-fed,” or “free-range” is a humane option. They’re concerned about where their food comes from and genuinely want to make better choices. Unfortunately, these labels can be misleading and are not a guarantee of humane treatment. Cage-free hens are subject to many…

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Wool, Leather and Down Each year, millions of animals in the U.S. are killed to produce wool, leather, down, and other fibers used in the textile industry. These animals are raised in miserable conditions, subjected to cruel practices, and killed young — all to produce fibers that are unnecessary for comfort, utility, or even fashion.…

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The Animals

Cows Raised for Dairy and Meat More than 9.3 million cows were used to produce milk in the United States in 2008, and more than 2.5 million dairy cows were slaughtered for meat. Cows used by the dairy industry are intensively confined, continually impregnated, and bred for high milk production with little concern for their…

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Your Health

The unnatural feeds, hormones, and excessive quantities of antibiotics used on factory farms put the human population at risk for chronic disease, obesity, and drug-resistant bacteria, and pose the threat of major zoonotic disease outbreaks. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, animal products are the primary source of saturated fat in the American…

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The Environment

We are in the midst of terrible ecological devastation. Raising animals for food is the single greatest human-caused source of destruction to our environment. It is the largest source of greenhouse gases, land use and degradation; the number one source of water pollution and rainforest deforestation. It’s also a major contributor to air pollution, ocean…

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