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Esther is a beautiful Silver Appleyard duck, who is extremely sweet. She was rescued in January of 2020 on the same day as Rudy the pig (they were in the same area), and we are so happy she will be able to live out the rest of her natural life here at the sanctuary!

Esther lived in a backyard with her sister, and one day, a stray dog was able to enter the yard and killed Esther’s sister in front of her. The woman who took care of Esther said that she could already tell Esther felt lonely and did not want another duck during the winter, so she asked us if we could take her in.

Esther will be joining the flock of Spring Farm birds after she is cleared by the vet. We are hoping her new Spring Farm family will help to put her at ease and show her community and love as she recovers from her trauma. Esther is intelligent, loving, and affectionate!

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