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Buddy (In Memoriam)

Buddy and his brother were bought as piglets by a woman who sent them to a farm to be fattened up to become food. The farmer responsible for their care lost them. By the time the woman made it to the farm and found them, Buddy’s infant brother had perished with Buddy lying right next to him. The woman was struck with a change of heart which lead her to finding SFS for Buddy’s forever home. Buddy changed that meat eater’s heart, which is what SFS is all about.

Unfortunately, in May, 2018 Buddy had to be taken to the University of Minnesota for tests which determined both of his back legs and his hips were full of arthritis. He had Osteochondrosis, which is a disease of the cartilage. Buddy’s vet said it is now found in almost 100 percent of commercial pigs. Buddy had a limp since the day he arrived at the sanctuary. The surgeon at the U said there was nothing that could be done for Buddy and he was euthanized while sedated.

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